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Part One
The Man
Son Gokou, or Goku in America, is one of the last of the former glorious race known as the Saiya-jin, jin means person in Japanese therefore he's a Saiya person, and in America the race is called the Saiyans. He is almost without a doubt, the strongest person in the entire universe! The only people that could even rival him at the end of Dragon Ball Z, not GT mind you, would be his son, Gohan, his friend/foe, Prince Vegita, and of course, Super and Little Buu, the ultimate evil. However, Gokou didn't get like this overnite! Him being a Saiya-jin helped because Saiya-jin were almost the ultimate race. They were born with incredible power that dwarfs any human. But, that still wasn't enough.

Through his life, Gokou has had many trainers. First was the man that found him in the middle of the woods in a Saiya-jin space pod, Gohan. Gohan adopted Gokou and trained him in martial arts. Second was the perverted Kamesennin, or Master Roshi in the US. He was once Earth's strongest man. He took Gokou and a little monk called Kuririn under his wing. After this training, Gokou sprouted and became incredibly strong. Then, two less known trainers were the cat Karin and Kami. Next was the always popular Kaiousamma, or King Kai here. He taught Gokou Kaiou-ken, a tecnique that doubles your speed, strength, and senses. He also taught Gokou his ultimate attack, the Spirit Bomb or Genki Dama. This attack not only nearly kills Vegita and Freeza, but also kills Little Buu. And Gokou's final trainer, himself. Gokou kicks his own butt to train himself. He works and works and finally, pushes himself right over the edge and becomes the ultimate fighter.

Gokou has a rather large family! First of all is his wife Chi-chi. These two met in the very begining of the series. The towering Ox King promised Gokou that if he rescued his daughter and brought Mutenroshi to his castle, he could have his daughter's, Chi-chi's, hand in marriage. Gokou of course did the preceding tasks and then left in search of the other Dragon Balls with his friends. Later on during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, (23rd World Martial Arts Tournament), Gokou is all grown up and still a bachelor. However, a woman with long black hair calls his attention. He doesn't recognize her and she angrily stomps off. Later on they're paired together to fight. Gokou finds out that she is remarkably strong, but needless to say, no match for Gokou. She then jogs his memory after the match and Gokou realizes that this is the little girl he met so many years ago! Chi-chi! She asks Gokou if he wants to get married. Gokou says he doesn't know what kind of food that is, Gokou's pretty numb. She gets ticked but then the proccess is explained to Gokou and he says, "Sure, why not?".

Next is Son Gohan, Gokou and Chi-chi's first child. He starts out very shy, but then turns out to be even stronger than his father, for a while. However, due to Chi-chi's influence of studies, at the end of the series, he turns into a dressed up nerd with glasses. However, he's the stongest nerd you'll ever see!!

Son Goten is Chi-chi and Gokou's last child. He is overwhelmingly cute with an adorable open mouth smile almost always on his face. He is the spitting image of his father. However, he was born a couple months after Gokou died. He finally gets to see his father at a Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament when he's seven. At first he's a little scared of his father, but, Gokou was only brought back to life for twenty-four hours by Uranai Baba, Kamesennin's sister. When Baba comes for Gokou, Goten's eyes start to well up with tears. Then, Mr. Stupid, Gokou says, "Don't worry, you'll see me again when you die". Goten and everyone there bursts into tears in a very touching scene.

Bardock is Gokou's father from long ago. Bardock was once an evil Saiya-jin like all the rest. He plundered planets with his asscociates of death. On one planet they demolished, there was one survivor left that they didn't know about. He jumped out of the rubble before Bardock left the planet and hit him in the back of the neck. He told Bardock to suffer because he just gave him the power to see the future. Bardock's friends retaliated by blasting the survivor into non-existence. They brought Bardock back to planet Vegita, the home planet of the Saiya-jin. He recovered from the desperate assault of the survivor that caused him to fall into a comma filled with horrible images. He finally realizes that in his visions it's his home planet being destroyed by none other than Freeza. He tries desperately to try to save his planet in a battle in the sky with thousands of Freeza's men, but it is to no avail as Freeza raises a finger, forms an enourmous ball of energy, and throws it at planet Vegita. Before he dies he sees one last image, his son that he had forsaken, Kakarroto. (Kakarroto is Gokou's Saiya-jin name.) He sees Kakarroto on a strange planet about to battle Freeza. He talks to his two day old son in a dream on his way to Earth in a tiny space pod to conquer it when he grows up. He tells him to avenge him and get revenge for all Saiya-jin when he gets older. Somewhere, deep in space, three more Saiya-jin are still alive. They are, Nappa, Raditzu, and Prince of the Saiya-jin, Vegita.

Allright, enough about family, let's get to Gokou himself. Gokou in the beginning of the series of Dragon Ball is 12 years old. At the end of Dragon Ball Z he's 48 years old, (that's counting his year in the Room of Spirit and Time), but besides looking taller and more mature, his overall appearance and personality never changed much during the series. However, in Dragon Ball GT (Grand Tour) he looks like a little kid again because that annoying Emperor Pilaf wished him back to being a kid again. Gokou has one major outfit throughout Dragon Ball, and that is, of course, his orange gi. The symbol on the front and back change periodically depending on who has trained him. The only other major attire is the blue gi he wore when he was a kid, and the blue shirt and yellow ochre pants he wears at the end of DBZ and all through DBGT.

Gokou is as good as any person gets! He's not very smart, but he's a brilliant fighter. He has no evil what so ever in him or he probably would've died several times due to certain circumstances. He cares for people and animals everywhere or he would've never gotten into any of his famous fights. He has a great loving family, even though Chi-chi has her over-protective moments. Most of all, he's the strongest guy in the univerese with the possible exception of Bebi Vegita and Ii Shenron. Gokou is basically the supreme mortal. He's every quality a human wants all wrapped up into one package.

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